What do we do?

+Brass provides brass based entertainment with a difference. Our repertoire consists almost exclusively of bespoke arrangements of contemporary tunes, that most people will know, or at least think they may have heard before. We don’t have any limits on what kind of music we play as long as its the sort of thing most people will enjoy and want to tap their foot, sing along or wave their arms in the air to. Having said that we are sometimes able to accommodate special requests for specific tunes not in our repertoire, given enough notice ahead of your event/concert. We prefer to play acoustically, where the building acoustics allow, and this allows us to keep setup and teardown times to a minimum with little disruption, however we are happy to work with a house supplied PA system where this is more appropriate. We can provide both concert style programmes (typically 2 sets of 45 mins) , or more informal ‘drinks and nibbles’ type entertainment to suit your particular event. We do not usually perform with a singer, however we may be able to accommodate requests for one or two bespoke arrangements for a particular occasion.